Annual Report

Click here to view JL Boston’s 2017-2018 Annual Report.

The Junior League of Boston is structured under the following financial model:

  1. Dues from our members are intended to fund the operation of our organization, supplemented with donations to our Annual Fund.
  2. Our members are also obligated to donate annually toward our community service projects and our programs that developed trained women volunteers. All funds raised through our development efforts are intended to be used to support these programs or to be delivered to non-profits in the form of grants.
  3. We have generous corporate sponsors — both cash and in-kind
  4. Planned gifts are received from time to time that supplement our endowment and are used to enhance our mission.
  5. The Junior League of Boston maintains an investment portfolio including real estate and liquid assets. This portfolio is tapped from time to time to supplement the cost of operation.

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