Frequently asked questions

I may not be able to wear a dress during the week. Does this mean I can’t do LBDI?

Absolutely not! We recognize that sometimes there are certain dress codes or regulations associated with our jobs and there is a need to have flexibility. There were many women who wore suits during the week last year!

Due to the nature of my job, I may not be able to wear the same black outfit. What do I do?

Still sign up to be an advocate! We recognize that at times, the natures of our careers require us to be in court, meeting with clients or other circumstances. We feel the power is in numbers, and the flexibility of your outfits during the week is up to you. We’d rather you wear a different dress, than not sign up to be an advocate at all!

I’ve heard that this counts for C&T credit. What does that mean for me?

For League Members, any money you raise will count towards your C&T credit. Unlike other opportunities during the year where you can earn a portion of your credit, LBDI is the only opportunity to meet your full C&T credit.

You might be wondering what C&T is? Well, the money in this fund is used to support our placements and girls throughout the city of Boston. For example, if Kids in the Kitchen needs supplies for cooking, it is supplied from the C&T fund.

I’m traveling that week and won’t be in Boston, but really want to participate in LBDI.

Still sign up to be an advocate! One of the amazing things about advocacy is that you can spread the word both near and far!

I’m a man and think this is great! Can I participate as an advocate?

DEFINITELY! We actually had 2 men participate last year by wearing the same black shirt all week.

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