Community STEM Program is accepting in-kind laptop donations by: Rachel Quimby

It’s that time of year again when college students across the country return to campus and gear up for another semester. Maybe technology meant a typewriter when you were in college, or if it wasn’t that long ago a PDA for taking notes. These days, many college students take advantage of end-of-summer sales to get the latest laptops with all the specs to excel in the classroom.

What happens to the old laptops? Consider the Community Impact STEM program that teaches girls to be fearless in the face of new technology. How will they succeed without access to the very tools they are learning about? Imagine the yearning a young girl feels when she has to wait every other week for her turn to create a design for the 3D printer because there aren’t enough laptops for everyone.

The next time you or a friend are updating your laptop, stop and think about where the old one will go. The JL Boston STEM program is accepting laptop donations to provide the highest quality learning experience possible. Your in-kind donation directly benefits the girls we work with and will have a lasting impact on their success. Ready to commit? Contact the VP of Community Impact ( today to schedule your drop-off.