The mission of the Junior League of Boston (JL Boston) is to promote voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

The JL Boston Training Council is comprised of member volunteers who coordinate, plan and provide JL Boston members with a wide variety of trainings to members that focus on the global needs of women to help JL Boston better serve the Boston community. Our training programs are designed to truly assist JL Boston members with the tools they need to build a better community here in Boston.

During the course of the year, in addition to our weeknight trainings, the Training Council also organizes all-day training programs often open to members of our community and other Junior Leagues in the area.

If you’re interested in presenting a training to JL Boston members, please contact Training Council (

The Conference Grant Fund

The Training Council also implements the JL Boston Conference Grant Fund. The Conference Grant Fund was established in 2016 to encourage, empower, and enable active members of JL Boston to pursue training opportunities, through an offset of registration and related costs. Grant applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year and offers up to $500 for a JL Boston member to attend a conference or training opportunity.

Mentorship Program

Launched in 2017, the Training Council also oversees the JL Boston Mentorship Program. The Program is intended to create mutually rewarding one-on-one partnerships between Mentees and their Mentors and to promote and strengthen connections between members more broadly. Mentors guide and assist Mentees to develop the knowledge and skills to accomplish important League goals and advance management potential. Mentees gain insight, guidance and support from experienced members of JL Boston as well as receive focused and unique leadership development opportunities and guidance.

Mentor-mentee pairs meet one-on-one at least once per month, and the Training Council hosts events every other month for all participants in the mentorship program.  The Program begins in January and formally continues for one year.