Consumerism for Good: Shop Amazon Smile to Support the Junior League by: Amy Bucher

What if there were a way to turn your shopping into donations for the Junior League of Boston? It turns out, if you are an Amazon shopper, there is. Amazon Smile is a program that allows you to support a charity of your choice. As long as you’re logged in to your account and access Amazon using the special URL, 0.5% of every dollar you pay will be given by Amazon to your selected charity.

Designating the Junior League of Boston as your recipient is easy:

  • Go to
  • Click on “choose your charity” (or “change your charity” if you’re already enrolled)
  • Search for the Junior League of Boston
  • Click and confirm!

So far, the donations to the League from Amazon Smile have been small. You can easily help change that by setting up your Amazon Smile account. In 2015, I spent almost $2000 at Amazon. Granted, 0.5% of that is a small amount ($10), but imagine if every Junior League member were also using for their shopping? Lots of people contributing small amounts can add up to a big win for the Junior League.

If ten other women who use Amazon as much as I do donate to the Junior League of Boston via Amazon Smile, we’ll net over $100. Imagine the difference that money could make applied to a community placement, or used to support a social event at Headquarters. Now multiply it by two, three, four, or more as members and their friends and family opt into this near-effortless way to give to the League. The prices you pay are not affected by whether you use Amazon Smile or not. All you have to do is buy the items you would anyway.

Of course, shopping locally is an important way to strengthen Boston’s economy and community. But for those times when I need something off-the-wall (HEXBUG bug robot for cats), ultra-specific (ink for my 5-year old printer), too heavy to carry home from Star Market in an epic blizzard (14 lb. box of kitty litter), or too heavy to carry home from anywhere (yes, I once bought a mattress from Amazon!), it feels good to know that my itchy mouse finger is benefitting the Junior League of Boston.