Meet Sustainer Volunteer Award Recipient Urszula Wojciechowska by: Amy Bucher

Sustainer Volunteer Award Winner Urszula Wojciechowska (right) with Director of Nominating Marissa Bellio

A highlight of our year-end General Membership Meeting is always recognition of our outstanding volunteers. TheVolunteer Recognition Awards are presented to one Active, one Sustainer, and one New Member who in their current placements go above and beyond their placement requirements and embody the mission of the Junior League of Boston. This year, we are pleased to recognize Urszula Wojciechowska as the Sustainer Volunteer award recipient. The text below is adapted from the announcement of Urszula’s win. Congratulations, Urszula!

Urszula has once again been a major contributor this year to the Sustainer Council and to the Sustainer membership of JL Boston. One of her most memorable contributions this year was her chairing the Mid-Winter Fest in March for Sustainers that was held at Headquarters. This was an important event to offer Sustainers. Attendees enjoyed a fun, festive evening together that Urszula organized and led so beautifully.

Over the years, Urszula has been a major contributor to the Sustainer Council, to the Sustainer membership, and to JL Boston. She has served JL Boston as Chair (now known as Director) of the Sustainer Committee (now known as Council) for several years, which developed opportunities to re-engage Sustainers in the League beyond simply paying dues each year. She continues to be a very active member on the Council, and has organized and produced numerous wonderful events, with grace, goodwill, and a cheerful twinkle to serve the Sustainer population. Urszula is an event planner extraordinaire and she is ready to jump in and volunteer on whatever is needed. We are thankful for her ongoing dedication to the Junior League and to the Sustainers.