Training Recap: Self-Defense by: Amy Bucher

Photo used with permission from Getty Images

By Dana Lucas

On Wednesday October 10th, there was a Self-Defense Training with Girls’ LEAP at the JL Boston Headquarters. This was an empowering event that taught women the importance of learning how to be safe and how to defend themselves if necessary. LEAP stands for Lifetime Empowerment and Awareness Program, and the mission of Girls’ LEAP is to teach women how to be safe while championing their own safety and well-being. This training was incredibly informative and served as a great reminder that girls can be powerful!

I was lucky enough to attend this training. As a female who frequently walks home alone, I am always cautious of my surroundings. This course reassured me to feel confident and ready to protect myself. I have always wanted to attend a training for self defense, and I am so happy that I now have! We learned about the basics of walking alone safely, as well as how to defend ourselves in case an attacker grabbed our arms or came too close.

With this training, I now know how important it is to be walk confidently and with a purpose when I am alone. Since the training, I have stopped using my headphones when I walk and try to mitigate any cell phone usage. I know that I will be safe in a bad situation given the tools I learned during this class!

It was a wonderful bonding experience being with other women who feel similarly about safety. Although people are aware of some of the safety issues women face, I do not feel that this issue is talked about enough. Being able to learn how to protect myself in a training with other women helped to reassure that other women do feel this way. I am incredibly happy I went to this training, and I hope JL Boston holds another one for other members!