Meet New Member Volunteer Award Recipient Courtney Scrubbs by: Amy Bucher

New Member volunteer award recipient Courtney Scrubbs

A highlight of our year-end General Membership Meeting is always recognition of our outstanding volunteers. TheVolunteer Recognition Awards are presented to one Active, one Sustainer, and one New Member who in their current placements go above and beyond their placement requirements and embody the mission of the Junior League of Boston. This year, we are pleased to recognize Courtney Scrubbs, who volunteered through the Training Council, as our New Member Volunteer award recipient. The text below is adapted from the announcement of Courtney’s win. Congratulations, Courtney! 

Courtney Scrubbs has brought great value and made some really positive contributions to the League this year, primarily related to Salon Series and Solutions Summit. She was instrumental in securing the excellent speakers we had at Salon Series this year, reaching out to her network, coordinating with speakers, and playing an active role at the Salons themselves. She has also contributed excellent ideas to the planning of the Solutions Summit and recently represented the League at a public hearing hosted by the MA Commission on the Status of Women. There, Courtney discussed the Solutions Summit event and made some great contacts for potential Solutions Summit speakers and attendees.

The contributions that Courtney has made are particular impressive since she is a new member. She has quickly become a key member of the League, attending a variety of events, building relationships, and never hesitating to contribute ideas and assistance.  She perfectly embodies the notion of “what you put in is what you will get out.” Courtney has lived our mission by bringing to life so many amazing and meaningful training programs, and even as a New Member has served as true leader for her team and her peers. She volunteers for everything, shows up with a smiley and is ready to roll her sleeves up to do a job well done! She is a woman of positive influence and personality. She is an inspiration and a joy to be around!