New Member Spotlight: Vanessa Emodi by: Amy Bucher

By: Jordan Haywood

Vanessa Emodi is a New Member in 2017-2018 and serves on the Communications Council.

Vanessa Emodi is a New Member in 2017-2018 and serves on the Communications Council.


Today we’re showcasing one of our 2017/2018 New Members, Vanessa Emodi. Vanessa is serving on the Communications Council and shares with us why the Junior League is a good fit for her. She also helps get us into the holiday spirit!

Age – 23

Hometown – Lagos, Nigeria

Current city/Neighborhood – Somerville

Profession – Business Analyst at Wayfair

How did you first get involved with the Junior League?

We have a “non-work” email subscription list at my office and a fellow Wayfair employee, Emily Thomsen (JLB External Communications Chair), sent out an invitation for a Junior League of Boston Open House. One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 was to step out of my comfort zone and get more involved in the community, so it seemed like a good opportunity to go and find out what JLB is about.

What are you hoping to get out of your league experience?

I am hoping to build new friendships and connections that will benefit both my personal and professional development, develop skills (outside of my career) that I normally wouldn’t be exposed to, and ultimately leave a positive impact on some young girls’ lives.

What would you tell someone considering joining the league?

Go for it. You will meet lots of awesome people and there are so many opportunities to learn and acquire skills while giving back to the community.

Favorite thing about winter:

Coming from Nigeria, I absolutely hate winter. Nothing about the cold appeals to me (LOL). I guess a positive thing I can say is that snow can be pretty, before it turns to ice and starts to melt. As well, this will be my first time to spend Christmas in the U.S. since I moved here 7 years ago, so I’ll be looking forward to wearing Christmas sweaters.

Favorite Holiday Movie: Home Alone

We couldn’t agree more, Vanessa! Home Alone on a snowy day sounds like the perfect way to spend a chilly evening! We hope everyone has the chance to meet Vanessa and we encourage you to share her story when speaking to potential new members!