Why I Joined: Sarah Connelly’s New Member Story by: Amy Bucher

By Sarah Connelly 

New member Sarah Connelly

Joining the Junior League of Boston interested me because one of my co-workers joined last year and enjoyed her new member experience. I was very intrigued with what the organization stands for and decided to go to an information session back in May. Current Members spoke passionately about their New Member year and encouraged us to get involved through socials, trainings, and placements, and build strong connections. They emphasized how the first year of being in the League is very memorable. After hearing them rave about the league, I could not wait to join and meet my New Member Group! 

On September 11th, 2018, the League hosted its annual New Member Welcome at Serafina, where we met our advisors and women in our New Member Groups. Michelle Lentz, our president, spoked elegantly about the ideals of friendship and leadership you will experience as a New Member. So far, Michelle is right! My group, the Pink Group, began to brainstorm ideas on where to have our New Member meetings and got to know each other better. After one social event, we are already looking forward to getting together again and getting involved in our placements.  

Being a part of the Communications Council is very exciting because I get to challenge and immerse myself in work that is fun, engaging, highlights the League and will allow me to be creative. Furthermore, I was excited about being a part of a committee that allows me to try something new and expand my skills. I never thought I would write content for our blog, but here we are! 

So far, my New Member year is off to a great start! There is a strong sense of sisterhood, leadership and a passion for volunteering and that was what I wanted to experience.